Drop into the Dunkeld Community Archive (12 The Cross, Dunkeld) to see the fascinating Foresters’ Scribe exhibition, which explains the role of Newfoundland Forestry Companies in the First World War, and their links to Dunkeld.

At 1pm on Saturday 21st May, community historian Jane Anderson will be exploring a fascinating connection between Dunkeld and Canada, in her presentation on the book ‘The Foresters’ Scribe’ by Ursuala A. Kelly. The Foresters’ Scribe is the first comprehensive study of the Newfoundland Forestry Companies (NFC) of the First World War. It adds a long-overdue and essential chapter to the Great War history of Newfoundland and Labrador.
A century has gone by since the NFC was formed in 1917, yet little is known of this small unit of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Its members were men recruited for woods work in the United Kingdom. Their assignment: to cut and mill Scottish timber to supply wood for the war. ‘The Foresters’ Scribe’ book is available for sale at the Dunkeld Community Archive.